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Presentation Master1 research (2012-13)

    Coming back to studies, after some years of practice in fine arts (sculpting, painting, installations), allows a space-time dedicated to research and to establish a link between one’s own practice and other artists’.  My artistic commitment is based on personal works, development of projects, and collective works. Inside and outside the studio, for a long time, I have been using photography to document both a personal and collective timeline of the creative process.
My research program for the Fine Arts Master1 focuses on time and work in the studio and on the act of creation. Here, it is not only the result which matters : Furthermore, attention is given to the process of emerging ideas, development, construction, what happens inside and outside, what is concrete or immaterial. An awareness of poetical spaces.

Some of my works are ephemeral: Textile installations in landscapes awhile live as markers of space, light and time. In past works, this includes performance as well.
Some works are about the ephemeral : Painting emotions on silk, trying to catch and figure « memories of the Self », or about time passing and Vanitas.
Some are about the non-ephemeral : using recycled elements from plastic or trash, as a snapshot about pollution and environmental matters.

In all of these, my camera is a companion for taking visual notes, observing different shapes, from abstraction to symbolism, from the inform to physical representation through the act of creation.
From documentation, I construct what we could call a « photographic diary », both static and dynamic, as for video works. The photos are markers on the timeline, as well as testimony of what was there and has since gone : the hic et nunc; always renewed.
From these documentations, some images would emerge as photographies on their own.